• Advanced technologies to

    support the health of Customers, Employees & Partners.

    Bringing healthy 

    campuses to lifesm

    Advanced technologies to

    support the health of Customers, Employees & Partners.

    Bringing healthy 

    spaces to lifesm

    Advanced technologies to

    support the health of travel

    Customers, Employees & Partners.

    Bringing healthy 

    travel to lifesm

    Advanced technologies to

    support the health of Customers, Employees & Partners.

    Bringing healthy 

    places to lifesm

    Advanced technologies to

    support the health of Customers, Employees & Partners.

    Bringing healthy 

    offices to lifesm

    Advanced technologies to

    support the health of Customers, Employees & Partners.

    Bringing healthy 

    hospitals to lifesm


    Bringing healthy spaces to lifesm

    Land Air Labs, whose principals have decades of experience in aviation, technology, and futurist thinking, is dedicated to accelerating the US travel industry’s recovery from the COVID-19 crisis.


    Our mission is to identify, vet, and implement technologies to restore peace of mind to customers, employees, and partners as they return to work and travel, allowing companies to regain customers and revenues faster.

    If your company offers a solution to help us achieve this goal, please contact us.

  • Pathogens Can Be Transmitted Through Airborne Droplets and Surface Contact

    Continuous, safe pathogen reduction of both the air and surfaces is essential


    For years we have cleaned and periodically disinfected surfaces. This approach eliminated pathogens in the moment, but left surfaces constantly exposed to new contamination until the cleaners returned to treat that same area the following day.

    • Each new person who walks through an area can leave behind germs, bacteria, and viruses
    • Periodically cleaning and disinfecting surfaces cannot keep up with the constant flow of people and the pathogens that might be left behind
    • Pathogens are constant so pathogen reduction must be continuous


    We've identified technology that generates Non-Thermal Plasma: high concentrations of ions and oxidizers encased in water vapor that turns the air around us into a continuous flow of pathogen reduction. This technology is proven to reduce pathogens in the air AND on surfaces continuously, even while these spaces are occupied.

    • The most validated air and surface purification on the market
    • Non Thermal Plasma continuously reduces pathogens without harming people or pets
    • Is ideal for environments that need a high level of continuous air and surface pathogen reduction that standard cleaning, additional chemicals, and UV treatments can’t achieve

  • Criteria to Use

    Focus Evaluations on the Criteria of SPACEsm


    Completely safe for people, pets, plants, & equipment


    Can provide visible reassurance to Customers, employees, families & partners.

    Within OSHA or EPA safety guidelines limits

    • Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2)
    • Ozone (O3)
    • UV leakage
    • Any other harmful product or by-product


    Proven to reduce pathogens (incl. SARS-CoV2).

    Can validate claims with primary test data under Good Lab Practices, not just graphs and charts, meet all testing criteria:


    • The company’s actual technology was tested, not a similar technology under another brand
    • Tested in one or more reputable independent lab(s)
    • The technology has patents or licenses


    Actively distributes into occupied areas the reduction agents that seek and destroy pathogens both in the air and on surfaces. The technology should not be passive; does not reduce pathogens by:

    • Only from air
    • Only upon passing through the HVAC system
    • Only through episodic application when spaces are vacant


    Operates 24/7, automatically to:

    • Reduce pre-existing pathogens upon installation; and
    • Instantaneously reduce newly-introduced pathogens as bioloads increase with traffic, etc.

    Does not require

    • Spaces being vacated
    • Occasional application by machines or people


    Is scalable to meet the building performance needs and budgets:


    • No change to existing work flow, processes (moving equipmt, etc.)
    • Reasonable cost for the space
    • Proven scalability to  building size
    • Ease and low cost  install & maintenance
    • Risk cannot be removed entirely from any space. The key is for the solution to be appropriate to the use case
  • Technology Leverage

    We did all the hard work so you don't have to

    Evaluating Technologies that Make Spaces Safer

    • Puradigm: Solutions to enable Air and Surface Pathogen Reduction
      • Portable and in-duct HVAC units that are proven to kill bacteria, germs and viruses and are safe for people, plants and pets in occupied areas
      • Specialized treatments for high-touch surfaces
    • VenueNext: Payment technologies to enable touchless transactions
      • Mobile payment solutions that do not require infrastructure investment or proprietary apps
      • Mobile ordering, mobile payments and contactless pickup
    • In Process: Bio-aerosol technology to continuously monitor indoor and outdoor air quality
      • Continuously monitor levels of airborne bacteria, molds and viruses with the ability to capture airborne particulates down to 10 nanometers in size (SARS-CoV-2 is typically 60nm or larger)


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    Edward Shelswell-White

    Founder, Chief Customer Officer

    Integrated commercial strategy, brand management, product and innovation development and marketing, airport management consulting, organizational health with an emphasis on teamwork as a strategic advantage.

    Deep aviation expertise: 31 years in the industry. 22 in airline management. 9 in management consulting.

    Focused on the intersection of airports, airlines, and customers. Uniquely positioned to connect emerging brands with airports and airlines.

  • Listen to Scientists

    Scientific Advisors

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    Amy Johnson

    Public Health & Safety

    OSHA Senior Industrial Hygienist 9 yrs


    HARVARD UNIVERSITY Health & Safety Officer 5 yrs


    NASA Ames Research Center – Sr. Industrial Hygienist 2 yrs


    Yale School of Medicine, MPH, Certified Industrial Hygienist

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    Bob Pearce

    Research & Development

    NCH Corporation - 43 yrs

    Director of R&D General Chemicals & Design Engineering Global responsibility


    University of Southern Mississippi, Chemistry

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    Hema Priyamvada

    Environmental Bio-technologist

    PhD Environmental Engineering

    Primary Biological Aerosol Particles


    Master , Bachelors in Engineering, Biotechnology


    Researcher, Center for Air Resources Engineering & Sciences, Clarkson University

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    Partnership - Puradigm

    The most validated purifier on the market and the first that can actively kill pathogens in air and on surfaces. Rigorously tested in both university and real-world settings.



    Periodic cleaning and disinfection does not address pathogen reinfection by airborne or physical contact.
    Cleaning typically occurs every 24 hours. Only a continuous process can reduce pathogens as new bio-loads enter the environment.

    • Active
    • Safe
    • Scalable
    • Cost-Effective
    • Serviceable


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    Ideal for homes.

    Wall mounted and plugs into standard electrical outlet.

    The Puradigm® FLOW™ has been designed and engineered for almost any application where PURADIGM Technology is needed to protect indoor environments with active air & surface purification.

    Click here to download the spec sheet

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    Ideal for homes and offices up to 1,500 sq ft.

    Features floor stand and plugs into standard electrical outlet.

    The Puradigm® ZONE™ is a powerful and flexible solution for a wide variety of light commercial and residential applications. It delivers active PURADIGM Technology for air &surface purification and provides consumers advanced HEPA filtration.

    Click here to download the spec sheet

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    Partnership - VenueNext

    VenueNext is a leader in point-of-sale, mobile commerce and loyalty solutions and is used by every major professional sports leagues, colleges, and many other business verticals – transforming the way fans shop, order, and pay.

    Trusted by 100+ venues and brands worldwide.


    Contactless mobile commerce technology

    • Customers choose the amount 
      of contact they prefer
    • Increase number and average 
      spend of transactions

    Connect with us to learn more about VenueNext

    • Edward Shelswell-White
    • esw@landairlabs.com
    • (214) 563-4772

  • In the News

    Touchless Mobile Commerce To Help North American
    Travel Industry Recover Customers and Revenues

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    Case Study—Government

    Texas State
    Capitol Campus

    Austin, TX — Dec. 2020

    Puradigm Technology fully vetted by state Epidemiologists and Virologists.
    ~800 units in House chamber, Senate chamber,
    Capitol Extension
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    Case Study—Manufacturing

    Smithfield Foods, Inc.

    Across the U.S.—Sept. 2020

    Largest pork company in the world.
    42,000 employees in
    40 U.S. locations
    installed Puradigm
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    Case Study—Transportation

    NFI Group

    Leading Global Bus Manufacturer


    - 9,000 employees in ten countries, with brands:

    - New Flyer® (heavy-duty transit buses),

    - MCI® (motor coaches),

    - Alexander Dennis (single/double-deck buses),

    - Plaxton (motor coaches),

    - ARBOC®

    - 8,000 bus installations

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    Case Study—Education

    Effingham  IL 
    School  District

    • Reduced absenteeism by 23% in 2019 from
      four-year average
    • Increase graduation rate by 9.9% from 2015 to 2019
    • Increase College Ready Students by 9.1%
      from 36.1% in 2015 to 45.2% in 2019
    • Increase school ranking 12%, from #158
      in 2015 to #141 in 2019
    • Lifted overall score of school “report card”
      per national standards – avg SAT 1,200
    “Can’t place value on having 60 more days of kids in school learning These results were huge for us and why we have moved forward with more units in other locations within school district”

    Jason Fox, Assistant Superintendent

    To bring healthy spaces to lifesm

    Dallas, TX